DUBAI, UAE (November, 2023) – La Donuteria, a rapidly expanding global donut franchise, proudly announces the opening of a new, significant store location in Dubai. This month, the doors of our latest donut haven at Jumeirah in Dubai were opened to the public.

“Dubai, a city renowned for its luxurious lifestyle and culinary diversity, is the perfect location for our latest La Donuteria store. We are thrilled to introduce our unique donut experience to this vibrant city,” said Peter Stranak, CEO of La Donuteria Group.

“Our commitment to quality and detail is what sets us apart. We aim to provide an unparalleled donut experience that complements the sophisticated palate of Dubai’s residents and visitors,” stated the La Donuteria Executive Chef Daniel Hamrak.


The new store is situated in one of Dubai’s most bustling areas, Jumeirah, known for its heavy foot traffic and proximity to key attractions. “Choosing the right location was crucial for us. Dubai is a magnificent and bustling city – it’s important that our store is easily accessible and visible, not just to passersby but also to those specifically seeking out La Donuteria,” explained Simon Mlady, Senior Marketing & Brand Manager at La Donuteria Group. “We are confident that our array of high-quality products and the inviting ambiance of our store will resonate well with the local market. Our goal is to enrich Dubai’s dessert scene and introduce innovative alternatives to traditional sweets,” he added.

La Donuteria’s expansion continues at an impressive pace, marking its presence across various global markets. With the addition of Dubai, the franchise now operates in 17 countries. This number is set to increase with more upcoming store launches in the Middle East and beyond, further strengthening La Donuteria’s position in the international food franchise sector.

We are looking forward to your visit!