The world’s hottest donut shop, now franchising!

Now we are expanding and giving you a chance to have a bite of this growing business with us.

    About franchise

    Want a bite of this hot business?

    La Donuteria® is one of the FASTEST-GROWING donut lovebrand franchises globally. We bring delicious, exclusive
    handmade donuts to your city! Always fresh, always sweet and always irresistibly tasty. Our gourmet donuts are handmade with love each morning according to our special secret recipe.

    The global donut market is projected to grow over 12% p.a. over the next 10 years, and expected to reach $63 bn by 2025. The
    donuts are the most selling type of sweets in the world. These „cakes“ have their origin in Holland with long and rich
    history. More than 10 billion donuts are consumed only in the USA annually and this sweet pleasure gains more and more
    fans around the globe each year.

    During pandemic time we proved to be a truly Covid-resistant business,
    as we manage to growth our number of shops by +500%.

    We are
    the r-EVOLUTION
    of donuts.

    Our concept, developed in 2015 in the UK, has expanded into 60+ different locations as
    Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona, Malaga, Dublin, Prague, Budapest and Bratislava. We started our global expansion as well into markets like Middle East, Asia and USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

    Our vision is to become a TOP 10 global donut brand.




    What do we offer


    You eat with your eyes first – each La Donuteria shop is therefore designed in an eye-catching “Provence” style. A chic and trendy visual that attracts customers and allows us to drive viral presentation on social media. 

    We usually very quickly become the
    LOVEBRAND everywhere we open our shops

    Our regular donut menu is enriched with our Weekly and Monthly Specials, which boost our sales. Most of our donuts are Vegan, which is also one of the rising trends in the world. Even coffee lovers will be satisfied in our shops.

    We prepare freshly roasted specialty coffee tailored made for us by well-known roastery in the “capital city of the coffee world” – in Trieste, Italy.

    Dreaming of your own LOVEBRAND business?

    • 15 Countries
    • 60+ Stores
    • 4 mil. donuts sold
    • Original “IN” Concept loved by millennials and Gen Z
    • Opportunity to build your own business and become your own boss
    • Strong marketing advantage to be one of the first players in your market
    • Relatively small investment required
    • Interesting Profitability and quick Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Emerging boom across the Europe and Asia
    • Finalist of E&Y (Ernst & Young) Entrepreneur of the Year

    The sweetest franchise opportunity in Europe & worldwide

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    What do you need to know
    if you want to join to us?

    • Investment Required from 40.000 EUR / USD
    • ROI (Return on Investment) usually 12-24 months
    • Royalty fee: 6%
    • Advertising fee: 2-4%
    • Average floor space 70 – 100 m
    • Staff required: 2

    We offer Single-store, Multi-store and Master Franchise.

    Don’t have experience but want to do something you’re gonna love?

    We love our partners the same way we love our donuts. We’ll share our know-how and best practices and help you make your first steps. That’s why we made it as simple as possible for you to start out. If you decide to pursue your dream, we’ll make it happen together.  

    We share with you following know-how:

    Want to hear real stories?

    We had been living abroad and working in hospitality for several years when we decided that we needed a change. Opening our own La Donuteria shop proved to be the right choice as a courageous first step into business ownership. 

    With a developed product line and brand, once launched, a La Donuteria could immediately compete with existing dessert shops. Regardless, we knew that we had to work smart and provide excellent service to achieve long-term success. 

    Lukas Jakubek, Stanislav Svirdzek 
    Franchise Partners in Prague, Czech republic 

    I had worked for many years in the German restaurant industry. When I first tasted a La Donuteria donut, I was floored. I couldn’t stop thinking about it! When I later researched La Donuteria, and realized it was a franchise, I knew that one day I would be a La Donuteria owner in Munich.  

    With the franchise concept, I didn’t have to go through my own lengthy and expensive research and development phase. Today, our Munich customers love our branch’s unique designs and flavors!  

    Peter & Darina Cernecky   
    Franchise Partners in Munich, Germany 

    One day, it dawned on me that I no longer wanted to be an employee and needed something different. When I came across La Donuteria as a franchise business, it felt like the perfect fit. I would run my own business with the support of a knowledgeable and experienced partner with an established, well-known brand. My trust of the brand and the La Donuteria team’s professionalism throughout our exchanges made me confident that I was making the right move. 

    Joyce Kyriakou 
    Franchise Partner in Limassol, Cyprus 

    Current penetration

    Available markets

    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • China
    • India
    • Asia
    • North America
    • South America
    • Caribbean

    We are rapidly expanding across the countries with exclusive territories available for qualified candidates. Due to high demand, we are working on a first come, first served basis. In order to be contacted by our franchise review team, we require you to complete the "Franchise Inquiry Form" above.

    Frequently asked

    Do I need previous franchising or restaurant experience to become a La Donuteria® Franchise Partner? Show more

    While we do prefer you to have previous food or retail experience, it is not required. We will provide comprehensive know-how, hands-on bakery training and operational guidance. The motivation and drive of each Franchise Partner is more important than hospitality or retailing experience.

    What type of support training will I receive as a new La Donuteria® franchise owner? Show more

    Each Franchise Partners will receive a comprehensive operational know-how including: 
    • full scope Manuals – Location Search Manual, Design and Equipment Manual, Operation Manual, Donut and Beverages Recipes, Marketing and PR Manual 
    • Bakery Training Videos 
    • Bakery Training Program: 6-7 days hands-on Initial Bakery Training 
    • Grand Opening Support 
    • Coaching and mentoring from a dedicated Franchise Development Manager (FDM)  
    • Ongoing phone, video call and on-site field support 

    Is La Donuteria® offering single and multi-unit opportunities? Show more

    Yes, we are currently seeking qualified candidates to open Single, Multi-unit and Master franchises.

    What is the cost of opening a La Donuteria® franchise store? Show more

    The cost of opening a La Donuteria® franchise store can vary depending on the type of location, size and fit-out of the store. Typically, the required initial investment starts from 40.000 EUR. We will provide to you a detailed indicative Business Plan calculated for your location, prior to signing any binding agreement. The initial investment will include all bakery and store equipment, store design and fit-out, your initial franchise license fee and your training fees.

    What are the monthly Royalty Fees? Show more

    Our franchise fees are following: 

     Monthly Royalty Fee:
     6% of Net Monthly Sales 

     Central Marketing Fee: 
     2-4% of Net Monthly Sales 

    How long is the Franchise License Agreement valid? Show more

    10 years plus 10-year renewal option.

    Does La Donuteria® offer financing? Show more

    No, we do not provide financing. However, we can help you to prepare and calculate business plans and proposals while you are applying for financing from your local bank or financial institution.

    How quickly can I expect my La Donuteria® franchise store to open once we are approved? Show more

    The opening of each new store varies based on location, fit-out requirements and your business skills. The timeframe on average will take 4-6 month (from which usually 1-2 month are for location search and lease negotiations, and 2-4 months are for re-design and fit-out). 

    I have little experience negotiating leases; will La Donuteria® offer assistance in this area? Show more

    Yes, we will help you with know-how and assistance how to negotiate the lease and rental conditions. 

    Will I receive guidance on purchasing supplies and equipment? Show more

    Yes. La Donuteria® has a preferred vendor program for supplies, and we will also advise you which types and model of equipment you should buy, so you can obtain it locally for the best price and with local warranty. We don’t want to make money selling you overpriced equipment, like most franchises do.

    How do I get started? Show more

    Click here to fill out our franchise application form and we will contact you shortly.

    If you’ve got a La Donuteria® question, we’ve got the answer!
    But if you do have a question that is not answered here, please get in touch with us.

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