Our Mission

Our mission is to spread happiness, connect and care about our communities, grow together and celebrate the connections that make life sweeter.

Our Vision

Our vision is to always be the place of your choice to enjoy exclusive, delicious donuts and finest coffee, and to create joyful and unforgettable memories to be shared with your loved ones. We work hard to become the leading international lovebrand, while maintaining our principles of growth, quality, excellence, passion and commitment.

We are the EVOLUTION of donuts. Our vision is to become a TOP 10 global donut brand.

Our Values

Our core values are firmly embodied in our culture, spirit and determination to do what we feel is right. They guide us and help us decide in everything what we do, from the very beginning of our donut baking to the moment we say goodbye to our guests.

  • Customer-first mentality

    We put our guests first and deliver our best to treat them right. They are the very center of our donut.

  • Strive for quality and perfection

    Donuts are what we do best. Our commitment to serve the most delicious lovebrand donuts in the world is stronger than anything.

  • One TEAM

    We are all different, have unique talents and make beautiful mosaics only when connected. We help, support each other and grow together. Team work makes a dream work.

  • Personal excellence

    It all starts with one person. It all begins with “I”. If we really want to succeed, everything must be done on 110%. Always.

  • Think sustainably

    We care about our Planet. We strongly realise we need to make decisions that last longer than we will see. By our actions we do our best to leave this planet healthy and green for our future generations.

  • Make an impact

    Investing We want to make impact on our community, on our guests, on our employees, on our world. We desire to leave people better than we find them. Actions are stronger than words.

  • Inclusion

    Investing in humanity and care about each other. We believe in fair treatment and opportunity for all. We don't make any difference among people of any nationality, gender, race or culture. We strongly stand on principles of inclusion, diversity and equality.

  • Innovations

    Doing it in a different way. Different flavors, different tools. We love being creative. We act with courage, challenging the status quo and finding new ways to grow our company and each other.