Our Story

The story of the La Donuteria® brand began more than 7 years ago in a world that seems like a distant dream today.

Peter Stranak (our CEO), an investment banker travelling between London, Zurich and New York, was working in the world of finance.

Frequently spending time in different cities, he noticed something remarkable on one of his trips to New York – people were willing to stand in line for 20 minutes in front of one particular shop – in heavy rain no less! It was hard to understand why.

The cogs in his entrepreneurial brain started turning – what kind of miracle could they possibly sell there? He decided to give it a shot and entered the shop – it was a handmade donut bakery. A couple minutes of research later, he found out that donuts are the most selling type of sweets in the world. Who would’ve thought?

While still travelling the world, he was able to try different donuts from different shops. What surprised him the most, was that majority of the shops weren’t selling freshly made donuts but delivered them frozen from a big food factory.

“Why can’t they bake fresh donuts every morning from scratch, like artisan bakeries do in Paris?” he thought. This idea kept him awake at night, and he started wondering about the sweet world of desserts. Guess what happened next?

“Good Bye Investment Banking ,
welcome Donuts”.

After coming back to London, he started baking his own concept. He knew that he wanted to disrupt the world of donuts.

Why? Because he felt he could create a better experience. Experience that he remembered from the childhood visits to his grandma, who baked fresh yeast raised cakes from scratch every time he came to see her.

Experience that combined three key elements: TASTE, VISUALS & PLEASANT SMELL. To make it happen, he needed to change everything.


Factory (baking) -> Freezing process -> Logistic process - > Store process (defrosting) - > Customer


Store (Baking) - > Customer


The mission to create the world’s greatest donut has begun. After one and a half year of research and collaboration with a team of pastry chefs and master bakers, months of trials and errors, and more than 100 different recipes later, he found the #ONE perfect great tasting secret recipe for fresh yeast raised doughnuts.

Combined with the most delicious and unique ingredients from across the globe and topped with our signature glazes.

We soon found our own recipe for success. Thanks to fresh and unique donuts paired with the finest of coffees, combined with our lovely Provence interior store design and eye-catching social marketing, people kept coming back for more and we became a lovebrand with average shop reviews of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

That was just the beginning of La Donuteria®.

As we captured the hearts and taste buds of our guests, our brand gained popularity and the number of stores grew rapidly. A single local shop became one of the fastest growing donut franchise concepts in the world.

Today, we are proud to serve our guests in 16 countries worldwide, and we’re only starting out.

Over the years, we have added many franchise owners to our La Donuteria® family, providing them with know-how and opportunities to grow and run their own business.

Our shared passion for quality, service, innovation and efficiency enables us to offer a welcoming, family-friendly and delicious experience to everyone that visits one of our stores.

We love to create smiles on our customer’s faces. Together, we strive to deliver delicious taste and joyful experiences for guests across the world, and we care deeply about the communities we serve.

 Would you like to be a part of what comes next?

We are the EVOLUTION of donuts.

  • Our vision is to become a TOP 10 global donut brand.
  • 300 Stores up to 2025.
  • La Donuteria is among the TOP 3 donut lovebrand globally by guest reviews.

Help us to write
this story further..

Close your eyes, follow your nose and pop into one of our stores to enjoy that sweet piece of happiness—a warm, fresh, exclusive donut served with the finest high-quality specialty coffee packed with flavour.

Each La Donuteria® donut is hand-made with love every morning, directly in all our shops.

Relax, enjoy an irresistibly tasty pleasure, and maybe snap that perfect selfie in one of our shops. We all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while and enjoy a little escape from our daily routines. 

 Stop by one of our locations and give us a try. We hope you will agree. 

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