PRAGUE, CZ (12th of October, 2021) - Beware! La Donuteria is opening a new store in Prague 2 on 12th of October 2021. We are thrilled to invite you to visit our new location in the heart of Czech Republic.

“Prague has been our main “go-to” expansion location both due to the familiarity of the market, but mostly due to its massive tourist influx and foot traffic from all over the world” explained Peter Kuric, Franchise Development Director at La Donuteria Group. “We are very honored to have the opportunity to prepare our delicious donuts in the heart of Prague’s historical heritage. It is amazing to see the food culture here flourish and witness the combination of the traditional and modern cuisine.” he continued.

The store sits on a frequented street, Vinohradska, right at the edge of the historic city allowing for a great accessibility by public transport as well as for visitors coming on foot.

Take me to the store!